Hi, I’m Zanine!

I’m an anthropologist turned freelance writer living in Cape Town.

After a decade on the expat trail, which included stints in Beijing, Hong Kong and London, hubby and I packed it all in and moved back to sunny South Africa with our two young boys in tow.

​Soon after we settled in the leafy burbs, I took on a job where I was tasked with writing about Cape Town’s waste disposal. A rather unglamorous gig, it turned out to be a pivotal moment for me.  

Blown away by what a wasteful species we are, I spent the next 18 months blogging about my family’s efforts to whittle down our waste. Most of those posts can be found here

These days, I see-saw between motherhood (mostly) and writing (sometimes). It’s a balance I struggle with, but love. My kids keep me grounded. Without them, I would get hopelessly lost inside my own head.   ​

I love telling people’s stories, and I particularly love writing about people who’re living a little off the beaten track. Like zero waste guru Bea Johnson who throws out virtually no trash, this yogi who overcame anorexia and is helping others face similar demons, and these guys who left the corporate world to follow their dreams.

I also write about the experiences that have impacted my own life—travel, expat life, motherhood, my mixed race identity. I find the pace of modern life quite unforgiving and that seems to crop up in my stories too.

I like to navel-gaze about what it means to be a writer (here and here). When I need some light relief, I write about my husband’s farts.

It’s a bit of a mishmash, just like me.

Thank you for reading, and please do get in touch. We all have a story, and if you’d like to tell yours, I’d love to help.

With Love,
Zanine xx