A plasticky month of May

To tie in with Plastic Free July, we’re ramping up our efforts and challenging ourselves to ditch all single-use plastic for that month. Seems easy enough, right? I thought so too, until I started researching and making mental notes of all the things we’d have have to do without.

Plastic is so ubiquitous in our lives it’s easy to not notice it. But once you start paying attention it.is.everywhere.

The biggie for us is going to be packaging. We’ve done away with the plastic bags, bottles and straws but we’re still very much in supermarket mode. So there’s planning and prepping to be done; and this month I learnt a lesson about the importance of this. My weaning-off-plastic attempts were badly scuppered. I snuck off for a weekend away and both my boys are May babies, so let’s just say that some bad planning resulted in me falling off the wagon (there was even a plastic-wrapped-suitcase incident due to a broken zip:-(

But I’m back on track and my homework for the next few weeks is to get sussed on bulk shopping destinations and other non-packaged grocery options. And root out all those pesky bits of plastic that insert themselves into our lives.

Plastic-free kids birthday parties? That’s one to start planning now to get right next year!

4 thoughts on “A plasticky month of May”

  1. There are some great products from EU – if you ever get to the stage and want to start importing the stuff there, let me know xx


  2. I cannot believe that I didn’t know about Plastic Free July! It should be more wildly advertized! Thank you for blogging about it. I often think about how one can cutdown on waste but it is very difficult considering EVERYTHING is packaged including heads of broccoli etc. One doesn’t always have time to visit a farmer’s market, or go 20km out of your way to buy milk on tap.

    This is of particular interest to me because I sell reusable food pouches. Great for July (I now know), lunchbox smoothies and yoghurt, and baby puree. (www.reusablefoodpouch.co.za)


    1. Yes, it’s a thing!! Going completely plastic free is going to be a mammoth effort and not sure we’ll get it 100% right – milk bottles?? But I think the point of Plastic Free July is to create awareness around just how ubiquitous plastic is, which will hopefully inspire people to make changes, however small.

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