Succulent love

My ongoing love affair with succulents has intensified since our level 3 water restrictions kicked in. Hardy, versatile and low-maintenance with endlessly fascinating hues and contours,  they’re the perfect drought tolerant plant. They don’t sap our water supply, and they absorb radiation. They seldom wilt. And they bounce back quickly after a bit of neglect.

Sculptural and beautiful to look at, ‘Bloom where you’re planted’ perfectly encapsulates them – stick them just about anywhere and they’ll propagate, morphing into the most captivating shapes.

Gardens in our part of the world are looking parched – new plantings have withered and lawns have died. The relentless winds don’t help, ridding the air of every trace of moisture, making plants even more dry and brittle. But the succulents soldier on, asking for just a little water and care, and giving so much in return.

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